Acupuncture puts you in charge of your health

My goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness and peace of mind.  My mission is to offer you a balanced acupuncture session and help you to be in better connection through the body/mind connection. This entails slowing down, learning deep breathing technique and the ability to be in touch with your internal body as you heal during the session. Many clients go into a healing state of mind that they report feeling wonderful.  We may discuss preventive health measures afterwards to support the new you to achieve the life you are seeking.  To recapture that passion and zest for life through health!

Having evolved over thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest, highly effective,  practiced medical modalities in the world that has shown to bring about dramatic results.  I use the Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese acupuncture approach to first build your constitutional weakness and then as you strengthen during the treatment, your issue may go away or we may need to use additional treatment to lessen pain, muscle tightness, etc. As your body shifts into balance,  pain reduces and a sense of wellness is restored.  The Fall season is particularly good for boosting one's immunity, lungs and stamina during flu season and the pandemic.  After a few treatments your internal system will feel more equalibriated and you may sense a better flow.  Strengthen blood/qi/meridians to flow easier, muscle tension can be released. prevent and treat disease, allieviate pain, balance mood, decrease anxiety, enhance athletic performance, increase fertility, and leave you in a deep relaxed state of being.

Acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to
promote your body's self-healing abilities.

Modern research has shown that acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body's remarkable self-healing abilities. A Japanese style acupuncture treatment involves the insertion and manipulation of thin, short, flexible, hair-thin needles at specific points on the body that access the meridians. Most patients find the sensations produced by acupuncture treatment to be deeply relaxing both mentally and physically and no to very mild sensation to needle.  Needle sensitive patients are treated with the utmost sensitivity and there are other options to use such as magnets, acupressure.

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  This process will help you to be in better communication with your internal body and feel when things feel off center  and get you back to feeling centered and healthy. The mind is connected to the body.  You will gain a clearer sense of your inner body's energy flow and organs.  Some people use acupuncture as a preventive medical measure as an option to surgery or taking medicine or as meditation towards helping them heal.  Deep relaxed breathing will be taught to help you to relax before we begin needling. Clients report this being very helpful. A new sealed needle will be gently inserted after sanitizing skin with alcohol. Some people feel immediate deep relaxation, others nothing but a warm feeling some nothing at all--it is still working. * all CDC safety measures are followed at this office and a mask required. A written screening for covid will be sent to you.  Sorry but we cannot treat anyone with covid symptoms or during their quarantine period.  Make an appointment once you are cleared by your doctor.  


Treatment Costs

First intake session with treatment=$120

Followup treatments: $100

Package choices

3 package= $ 290

5 package = $ 485 

6 package = $ 575

8 package = $ 770

10 package =950

15 package = $1400

20 package = $1850

*No returns, no refunds. 3 packages good for 1 month. 

Beginning Tai Chi Class via Zoom

Welcome - Acupuncture Clinic of Watertown in Watertown, MassachusettsSaturdays, 12 noon

Ever wanted to learn Tai chi?  I offer weekly tai chi classes on Zoom on Saturdays at 12 noon. 

A  5-week class began on Sat., October 3. The 24 Yang short form takes only 6 minutes to do after you've learned the form. A great form of exercise.  Cost is $15/single.

Health benefits:

Drop stress levels

Increase balance

Correct posture

Gain flexibility

Build self esteem

Promote blood flow throughout the body.

Identify your internal landscape and become aware of your internal body and organs to develop the body mind connection.

Sense blockages or qi stagnation  or tight spots as an active part of your health care

Some issues have been shown to clear as you practice. Class  will include:

warmup exercises, holding positions to strengthen muscles.

Cultivating your life force (qi) is  very important to our overall health and mental health especially after the effects of a still lifestyle forced on us by Covid for months.  Tai chi class is adaptable to chair tai chi or for a wheel chair user and has similar positive effects.. 

Please check in with your doctor to clear your health, prior to joining. Payments are made through Venmo or mail in a check.  Please ask if you'd like more information about this class at

Membership is $45/month includes a private Zoom coaching session and qigong forms. Balance and stretching leg exercises will help you develop stronger balance, muscle strengthening and lead to flexibility. Some qi gong forms will be taught to strengthen for increasing qi flow and inner stamina.

Private coaching is available for 30 minutes = $30 or 1hour =$50 or private coaching is $1/minute).  

Get back into a good health, you will have your own exercise program and learn with others how to release stagnation and get your qi and blood and body moving again since Covid began. Group class enjoy the camaraderie with other students.  We begin with warmups, stretching, grounding, stances, and cultivating your chi in qi gong exercises. Breath work that goes with tai chi movement will also be taught and helps move the qi.  We will build muscle. To sign up for class,  please email me at 

Ways to pay for class: Venmo or send a check to "Jessica Sollee."

Tai chi club membership is $45/month. Single class is $15. Private lessons are available.

Single classes=$12.

Improve health, calm anxiety, relax tight muscles or other problem areas of tension and learn to alleviate slight pain areas, Increase your balance, posture, stamina. Purify body and mind. A great work out by holding positions.    Instead of a hard work out at the gym, try a 5000  year old gentle internal technique  that is considered a branch of Chinese medicine and practiced the world over. Learn forms that capture animal spirit and attack yet used to calm and strengthen at the same time. Forms are adaptable for users of chairs or wheelchairs.

Corporations and companies

Tele-Acupressure sessions available by acupuncturist, Jessica Sollee, LicAc with over 12 years experience running her own clinic and 5 years providing acupuncture to employees at Tufts Health Insurance at the headquarters in Watertown, MA. Tele-acupressure and tele-acupuncture through Zoom.

Invest in your company members through tele-acupressure treatments or touchless acupuncture via Zoom--offer them a way to deal with their stress through easy to learn acupuressure which stimulates the acupuncture points.

My name is Jessica Sollee, LicAc and I am a licensed, practicing acupuncturist.  I have run my clinic  for over 12 years with great success.

I offer talks how to companies/corporations.  I have 5 years weekly and monthly experiernce providing acupuncture personal treatments to Tufts employees at all levels.  I have also been at many health fairs to teach people about my services and selected a few  points at health fairs at Tufts Health Insurance Headquarters located in Watertown, MA.  

This overview and teaching acupressure over Zoom can help individuals manage their stress and anxiety, boost immune points, and remain calm, strengthen body, and increase blood and qi (energy) circulation to recover from the sedentary life many company workers have been forced into as a result and effects of the ongoing Covid situation. 

I can teach employees and managers specific points to reduce stress, strengthen their body and help rebalance their energy at this difficult period.  Healthier and happier individuals make much more productive employees!  

I have been providing regular treatments at Tufts Health in Watertown to their employees for over 5 years.

Call for further information at 617-335-2148 or to set up a program.


Live acupuncture (with all CDC requirements in place),  Telehealth acupressure or tele-acupuncture sessions for individual clients offered via Zoom.

My clients tell me they receive the same results as when treated at the office. Qi can moved towards balancing the body and increasing health, reducing stress regardless of where you are.

"I received the same healing as if I was in your office on the table!"  Christine P., 54

Ask about this option especially if your are housebound.

Call 617-335-2148 for more information.  This is also available for individuals who are housebound.