Jessica Sollee, Lic.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Massachusetts. She got her degree from the New England School of Acupuncture in a three year Masters program. She passed the national board exams. She has been actively running her own clinic for over 12 years. She studied under Master Kiiko Matsumoto working for her for some years.  Kiiko taught her an interactive Japanese technique that delivers results within the first few treatments. Once we address your constitutional weakness and strengthen that we address the area or pain or condition,  As we find the point that most relieves the pain through palpation and the pain lessens or becomes more manageable, we know have the right point and insert the needle. After the suggested treatment plan is followed, we can move on to a tune-up phase of treatment.  Chronic issues will take more treatments but we usually see a change even somewhat during that first treatment. I also work in Chinese Medicine modalities. Jessica is recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

I provide a relaxing atmosphere where you will feel relaxed and in a safe space as we assess together your medical, and other issues exacerbating/creating your condition.  I work until we find the best approaches to answer your unique health care issue.  And ways to support you once you are feeling better or less pain. Finding the best answer to your issue is of the utmost importance to me and we will work as partners toward this end.  First, building your constitutional weakness then treating the condition or symptom with tuina, moxa or another modality until we find release. I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my method and how acupuncture and other modalities within the scope of acupuncture can benefit you. Together, as a team, we can achieve your health & wellness  goals.

I act as a coach with additional lifestyle suggestions if needed to help more deeply and continue the healing process. --Jessica Sollee, Lic.Ac.

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Jessica Sollee, licensed acupuncturist in Watertown, Massachusetts

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Corporations and companies

Tele-Acupressure sessions available by acupuncturist, Jessica Sollee, LicAc with over 12 years experience running her own clinic and 5 years providing acupuncture to employees at Tufts Health Insurance at the headquarters in Watertown, MA. Tele-acupressure and tele-acupuncture through Zoom.

Invest in your company members through tele-acupressure treatments or touchless acupuncture via Zoom--offer them a way to deal with their stress through easy to learn acupuressure which stimulates the acupuncture points.

My name is Jessica Sollee, LicAc and I am a licensed, practicing acupuncturist.  I have run my clinic  for over 12 years with great success.

I offer talks how to companies/corporations.  I have 5 years weekly and monthly experiernce providing acupuncture personal treatments to Tufts employees at all levels.  I have also been at many health fairs to teach people about my services and selected a few  points at health fairs at Tufts Health Insurance Headquarters located in Watertown, MA.  

This overview and teaching acupressure over Zoom can help individuals manage their stress and anxiety, boost immune points, and remain calm, strengthen body, and increase blood and qi (energy) circulation to recover from the sedentary life many company workers have been forced into as a result and effects of the ongoing Covid situation. 

I can teach employees and managers specific points to reduce stress, strengthen their body and help rebalance their energy at this difficult period.  Healthier and happier individuals make much more productive employees!  

I have been providing regular treatments at Tufts Health in Watertown to their employees for over 5 years.

Call for further information at 617-335-2148 or to set up a program.


Live acupuncture (with all CDC requirements in place),  Telehealth acupressure or tele-acupuncture sessions for individual clients offered via Zoom.

My clients tell me they receive the same results as when treated at the office. Qi can moved towards balancing the body and increasing health, reducing stress regardless of where you are.

"I received the same healing as if I was in your office on the table!"  Christine P., 54

Ask about this option especially if your are housebound.

Call 617-335-2148 for more information.  This is also available for individuals who are housebound.