“Jessica Sollee is a gifted and determined healer. Jessica has the gift of discerning distress prior to the pain becoming symptomatic and if the pain or affliction is symptomatic, she’s able to find it’s root. She stubbornly persists in each treatment session until she releases the root of the affliction and in her dedication to securing one’s relief – in this tenacity, Jessica  is unique.”

“I suffer from a host of injuries. Jessica’s treatments have held my main issue at bay, resulting from complications from double inguinal hernia surgery, which has allowed me to avoid a second surgery. Her treatments have provided me with relief and comfort.  In addition,acupuncture has been a successful alternative to surgery for a severely torn meniscus of the knee.  And now, I take almost no medications for a condition of severe osteo-arthritis. Acupuncture is much more convenient, and less expensive in the long run than the alternatives covered by my insurance policy.”

“I’ve referred two other people to Jessica, who have told me that they are very pleased that they went to her.  I strongly urge anyone, to at least try the ancient science of acupuncture, and its practitioner, Jessica Sollee.”

– Joe, 60, designer, carpenter, mason, builder

“Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, approximately one year ago; while awakening, my right hip was painful.  Rather than take over-the-counter pain medication, I decided to try acupuncture for the first time.  After four treatments, my morning pain subsided.  In addition, my blood pressure lowered to a good range. I’m currently attending acupuncture sessions for maintenance every 5 weeks.”

– Catherine, age 78, retired principal

“Two years ago I fell from the 2nd story of my home, shattering my right arm & sustaining significant nerve and muscle damage on my right side. Surgery and chiropractics helped enormously with skeletal issues but the trauma left my right, back side without feeling and my hip area quite swollen. Working with Jessica has changed all of that. After my first visit I began having “tingling” sensation in my lower back and after only 6 visits, I have regained feeling in all but a small area. I’m certain that will revive also, as I continue treatments. Additional & unexpected benefits of Jessica’s work has been improved sleep & a dramatic decrease in “hot flashes” due to menopause. Jessica is a wonderful healer.”
“She listens, provides a comfortable environment, explains what she’s doing & has been very flexible in scheduling. Her work has made an enormous difference in my life for which I will be eternally grateful. I highly recommend her.”

– Vanessa, Scituate, MA

” In three sessions, my symptoms of a pinched nerve and carpal tunnel disappeared.”

– 29-year old program manager

“My sugar levels have lowered.”

– 85-year-old with diabetes

“My right hand is no longer stiff. I can close it more than my left hand.”

– 81–year-old fencing coach with arthritis

“My cramps are completely gone now.”

– 30-year old teacher with menstrual cramps

“My skin color is back to normal. No more yellow and my headache is gone.”

– 60-year-old woman with pancreatitis

“I no longer have pain in my back. This worked better than cortisone shots.”

– 30-year-old car accident victim

3 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. I have had bouts of asthma in the past and my worst season has always been winter. I started seeing Jessica last fall and through weekly treatments I have had the best winter season ever. Few colds, missed the flu twice although it was in my home and cut down the use of my inhaler to once every few months instead of daily. I can’t thank Jessica enough for her calm and caring treatment. Since starting treatment with Jess, I feel I am in better balance and have sustained a healthier lifestyle.

  2. I started seeing Jessica because of osteoarthritis and generalized pain in my shoulders after
    rotator cuff surgery and much physical therapy. I had no expectations and over the months,
    I have been so much better in every way. Less pain and more mobility has improved my quality of life so significantly. When I arrived with a cough that was racking my body and sounded like
    bronchitis, Jessica treated me for that also, and in 24 hours the cough was gone entirely.

    Recently I was examined by an orthopedic surgeon because of knee pain, and although both
    knees are in poor condition, my left knee is much worse but was pain-free. The surgeon was quite curious about what I was doing to preserve this condition and was very supportive of the acupuncture treatment Iwas receiving regularly from Jessica.

    Thank you so much, Jessica, for all your caring treatment.

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